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A list of publications covering, or partially covering, the subject of Irish Whiskey. We welcome comments and suggestions.
Title Author Publisher Year Pages Links
101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die  Ian Buxton Hachette Scotland 2010  224 Amazon
1000 Years of Irish Whiskey Malachy Magee O'Brien Press
1980 144 Amazon
A Philosophical and Statistical History of the Inventions and Customs of Ancient..
Samuel Morewood Esquire
William Curry Jn. & Co. and William Carson, Dublin

A Taste of Irish Whiskey
(Classic Irish Whiskey Abridged)
Jim Murray
A Toast to Ireland :
A Celebration of Traditional Irish Drinks
John Booth
Aeneas Coffey and his Patent Still
J J Kerr
Dublin Historical Record Vol IX No.1, pp 29-36

An Old Irish Custom Introduction by   Lawton Mackall William Jameson & Co. 1935 10
Bushmills: Four Hundred Years In the Making Peter Mulryan Appletree Press 2008 196 Amazon
Classic Irish Whiskey Jim Murray Prion Books 1997 256 Amazon
Coleraine Whiskey
(Bann Disc Vol 13)
Coleraine Historical Society Coleraine
Historical Society
2007 6
Cooking With Irish Whiskey: 25 Favourite Recipes Aisling O'Connor Hamlyn 1995 60 Amazon
Distilling - Illicit and Otherwise - in Inishowen Brian Bonner Donegal Annual 8, pp 74-97 1969 24
Domestic Economy Vol 1: Brewing, Distilling, Wine Making, Baking etc.
M Donovan Esq
Longman, Rees, Orme, Browne & Green, London

Dublin Whiskey: An Essay George Augustus Sala Sir J. Causton & Sons c.1870 23 Amazon
Dublin Whisky Genuine and Spurious John Jameson & Son, Power, Roe et al. John Jameson & Son, Power, Roe et al.

Dublin, Cork, and South of Ireland: A Literary, Commercial, and Social Review
Stratten & Stratten
Stratten & Stratten
Dublin's Vanishing Craftsmen:
In search of the old masters
Kevin Corrigan Kearns Appletree Press 1987 152 Amazon
Elixir of Life (Uisce Beatha)
Geoffrey C. Warren ill. By Harry Clarke
John Jameson & Sons

Findlaters: The story of a Dublin merchant family, 1774-2001 Alex Findlater A. & A. Farmar 2001 577
Hot Whiskey James Morrissey The Kerryman
1989 215 Amazon
Illicit Distillation: an Irish Peasant Industry K H Connell Historical Studies No. 3 1961 ??
In Praise of Poteen John McGuffin Appletree Press 1978 119 Amazon
In and out of Ireland: The Distillers Company Ltd. and the Irish Whiskey trade 1900-39
Ronald Blackwood Weir
Institute of Social and Economic Research, Univ. of York

Introducing United Distillers of Ireland United Distillers of Ireland United Distillers of Ireland 1979 12
Ireland: Industrial and Agricultural. Handbook for the Irish Pavilion, Glasgow International Exhibition
William P Coyne
Powers Whiskey Dublin

Irish Distillers: The Take Over Joe Mc Cabe Irish Distillers Group
1991 557
Irish Mist : Ireland's Legendary Liqueur 80° Proof The Irish Mist Liqueur Co. Ltd  The Three Candles, Dublin 1946 22
Irish Toasts & Blessings Wissen Media 2003 64
Irish Whiskey Iorwerth Griffiths Liberties Press 2011 tbc
Irish Whiskey
(Irish Heritage Series:Volume 71)
John Clement Ryan Easons & Sons
1992 24 Amazon
Irish Whiskey as Distilled by Allman and Co, Distillers, Bandon Unknown Emmott and Co, Manchester 1887 ??
Irish Whiskey Guide Peter Mulryan Gardners Books 2009 196 Amazon
Irish Whiskey: A 1000 Year Tradition Malachy Magee O'Brien Press 1980 144 Amazon
Irish Whiskey: A history of distilling, the spirit trade, and excise controls in Ireland
Edward Borough Maguire
Irish Whiskey: How It Is Made Vincent H. M. Bowers John Jameson & Son c.1960

Irish Whiskey: Old & New Andrew O'Gorman, Mary O'Callaghan Irish Guild of Sommeliers
Irish Whiskey: The Water of Life Irish Distillers Limited Irish Distillers Limited 1988 16
Irish Whiskies: Past and Present Brian Murphy Little Books of Ireland, Real Ireland Design Ltd 1993 36
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Food & Drink Recipes Irish Distillers Group Limited Calvert Distillers Co. NYC 1984 12
Jim Murray's Complete Book of Whiskey Jim Murray Carlton 1997 224
Jim Murray's Irish Whiskey Almanac Jim Murray Neil Wilson Publishing 1994 159 Amazon
Kinahan’s LL,
A forgotten Dublin Whisky
Jack Kinahan Dublin Historical Record Vol. LX, No. 2 (Autumn 2007) 2007 10
L'Art du Whiskey
(John Jameson & Son)
Frederic Moulin, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard c.2000 84
Locke's Distillery: A History Andrew Bielenberg Lilliput Press
1993 122 Amazon
Lost Distilleries of Ireland Brian Townsend Neil Wilson Publishing 1997 154 Amazon
Mitchell's Pearl English Dictionary: Atlas of the world, gazetteer of the world and book of general information Mitchell & Co. Belfast Mitchell & Co. Belfast 1905 120
Monasterevan Distillery: A brief outline of its history and background John Holmes Kildare Archaelogical Society 1969 8
Need to Know? Whiskies Dominic Roskrow Collins 2008 191 Amazon
Notes on a Cellar Book George Saintsbury Macmillan 1927 227 Amazon
On an Ancient Still Worm discovered in the Co. Wicklow J F M Ffrench Royal Society of Antiquity of Ireland Vol 1 pp 224-42 1890 19
On the antiquity of Brewing and Distillation in Ireland Unknown Ulster Journal of Archaeology Vol 7 pp 33-40 1859 8
On the early use of Aqua-Vitae in Ireland Unknown Ulster Journal of Archaeology Vol 6 pp 283-295 1858 13
On Whisky: What It Is And What It Does Robert Esler MD to the Ulster Medical Society Dublin Journal Of Medical Science (1872-1920) Vol 73 No.3 1882 8
Origin of John Jameson Whiskey: Containing some interesting observations… John Jameson & Sons Ltd ill. By Harry Clarke
John Jameson & Sons

Pamphlet concerning a libel trial involving two Dublin Whisky distillers George Roe & Co., Distillers, Dublin
Sutton, Sharpe & Co

Persses Distillery - A History Of The Hard Stuff Mick Quinn Thesis Summary published in Galway City Museum Newsletter  2004 3
Photographic Souvenir of Glasgow International Exhibition 1901 John's Lane Distillery, Dublin T. & R. Annan & Sons 1901 26
Scotch and Irish Whiskey
(Collins Guide)
Carol P. Shaw HarperCollins 2000 257 Amazon
Souvenir of the Worlds Fair 1904 Old Bushmills Distillery Bushmills Distillery
W & G Baird, Belfast 1904 32
Soverigne Liquor
F Middlehurst for John Jameson & Son
John Jameson & Sons

Specimens of Irish Whisky labels always kept in stock William Nimmo & Co William Nimmo & Co 1910 12
Spirit of the Age: The Story of Old Bushmills Alf McCreary Blackstaff Press
1983 232 Amazon
Story of Irish Whiskey
Roz Crowley for Jameson Heritage Centre

The Best Irish Drinks Ray Foley Sourcebooks Inc 2006 201 Amazon
The Bushmills Irish Pub Guide Sybil Taylor Appletree Press 1994 192 Amazon
The Cheeses and Wines of England and France with notes on Irish Whiskey
John Ehle
The Commodities of Acqua Vitae
Richard Stanihurst, Lawrence Ryan
Dolmen Press

The History of a Great House
John Jameson & Sons illus. by Harry Clarke
John Jameson & Sons

The History of the Distillers Company, 1877-1939: Diversification and growth in whisky...
Ronald Blackwood Weir
The History of the Great House: Origin of John Jameson whiskey John Jameson & Sons Ltd ill. By Harry Clarke John Jameson & Sons (printed by Maunsel & Roberts) 1924 24
The Industries of Dublin. Historical, Statistical, Biographical Unknown Spencer Blackett, London 1877 390
The Invention of Whiskey Graham Dunstan Martin MacLean Dubois 2008 ??
The Irish Whiskey Corner Irish Distillers Group Limited Irish Distillers Group
1985 16
The Spirit Traders' Handbook J J McBride W. & G. Baird, Belfast 1900 118
The Spirits of Ireland Ray Foley Foley Publishing 1998 201
The Story of Irish Whiskey Uisce Beatha Graphic Printers
1970 ??
The Story of Irish Whiskey United Distillers of Ireland United Distillers of Ireland c.1979 19
The Story of Irish Whiskey.
[With illustrations.]
Irish Whiskey Distillers' Association (Dublin) Irish Whiskey Distillers' Association (Dublin) 1961 ??
The Story of Old Jameson Distillery Old Jameson Distillery On Stream 2000 21
The Story of Woodford Bourne: Wine Importers established 1750 David Nicholson, Philip Mackeown W.B. Publications 2005 112
The Whiskey Unknown Bentleys' Miscellaney Vol 5 1840  13
The Whiskeys of Ireland Peter Mulryan O'Brien Press 2002 155 Amazon
The World Book of Whisky Brian Murphy Collins 1978 192
The World Whiskey Guide Jim Murray Carlton 1997 364 Amazon
Timeless Spirit: The story of Jameson Irish Whiskey Andrew Langley Good Books 2001 48
Trade Roots: the Grand Canal 1804 ; Tullamore Distillery 1829 ; the Great Southern & Western Railway 1854 Grand Canal 200 Committee (Offaly) Grand Canal 200 Committee (Offaly) 2004 39
Tradition has a forward face: The story of Irish Whiskey John K. Clear Irish Distillers
1971 12 Amazon
Treatise on Wines and Spirits of the Principal Producing Countries Alfred Gilbey W & A Gilbey, The Pantheon, Oxford Street, London 1869 34
Truths about Whisky John Jameson & Son et al. Sutton Sharpe and Co 1879 103 Amazon
Tullamore, Birthplace of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
and Irish Mist Liqueur
Nigel Brennan
Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre
Uisce Beatha: The evolution and archives of the Irish whiskey distilling industry
John Irvine
Irish Distillers Group

Whiskey Maurice Walsh The Bell Vol 2 No 5 August 1941 1941 10
Whiskey Maurice Walsh, Barry Walsh Ken Mawhinney 2011 tbc
Whiskey: The definitive world guide Michael Jackson Dorling Kindersley 2005 288 Amazon
(Collins Pocket)
Carol P Shaw Harper Collins 1996 287 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2004 Jim Murray Carlton 2003 256 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2005 Jim Murray Carlton 2004 304 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2006 Jim Murray Carlton 2005 336 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2007 Jim Murray Carlton 2006 360 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2008 Jim Murray Dram Good Books
2007 360 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2009 Jim Murray Dram Good Books
2008 360 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2010 Jim Murray Dram Good Books
2009 360 Amazon
Whisky Bible 2011 Jim Murray Dram Good Books
2010 360
Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom (& Ireland) Alfred Barnard Birlinn
2008 (1887) 632 Amazon
Whisky Magazine Tastings
(First 10 Years)
Various Paragraph  Publishing