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12 May 2015 7:16 PM | Anonymous

Live Meet the Masters in The Foundry

We been extended a very special invite from IDL who have a really exciting project coming up in collaboration with Google HQ in Dublin. On Monday May 18th at 6pm GMT there will be the first ever Google Hangout ON AIR broadcast by a spirit brand from the Foundry, Dublin. The event will be hosted Dave McCabe and the special guests include ALL of the Midleton Masters who will take the audience through the history of single pot still, IDL’s wood management programme, their coopering followed by an official tasting.  There will be a Q and A segment where guests can pose questions to the Masters and the best thing is all of this will be streamed LIVE via YouTube.   The live link will be steamed worldwide via YouTube (Single Pot Still Irish whiskey channel) from 5pm.

Members of the Irish Whiskey Society have been invited to sit in the auditorium as the live guests so head over to our booking site in order to reserve your spot at what is sure to be a very interesting evening. This is a members only invite and it includes a + 1

Cork members who wish to attend this event can avail of a complimentary bus on the day provided by IDL.  The bus is departing Patricks Quay at 3pm. It will be leaving the Foundry at 9pm for the return journey to Cork.  Since each member can book up to two spaces (1 + guest), please specify if you wish to reserve a spot for one or two individuals. To reserve a spot on the bus please RSVP to both and

Dublin Tasting: Revolutions in Grain & Mash

For the end of month tasting we are taking a look at the different experiments that are being conducted with Grain and Mash Whiskey.  In the last number of years there has been an explosion of new small distilleries especially in the U.S.A. but also within Europe and the wider world. Many of these young Turks running craft and alt distilleries wish to make exciting new whiskies, to break new boundaries, to do things that have never been done before. these are the rule breakers, the men and women who are forging the future of whiskey, the new tastes and techniques of the future. Some experiments end in failure, others explore interesting new avenues, whether it be in barrel woods and shapes, charring of barrels, smoking with peat or with woods, finishing with new types of second fill barrels from vermouth to wines to beer barrels. Even the types of still is being played with, with alambic brandy stills to home made stills being put into production. New climatic conditions result in new tastes in aged whiskey.

 This evening should showcase a multitude of different tastes and will feature a selection of whiskey that the majority will have never encountered before so don’t miss out.  Spaces for the tasting can be reserved here


Whiskey Walk

Following on from last year’s successful walk our resident pot still expert, Fionnan, has devised a new route taking in several of the historical whiskey sites in Dublin.  This will be a different route from last year so should be of interest to all.  Details of this are still being worked out and we should have booking details up on our site in the next few days.  This walk will take place on the 6th June, keep the date free and keep an eye on our booking site.

Society Expansion – South Eastern Chapter

With the success of the Cork Chapter we are branching out further, a South Eastern Chapter covering Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford is in the process of being formed, the inaugural meeting of South East Chapter No.2 details will be advertised soon and confirm what we suspect, we love an occasion to enjoy and learn about Whiskey! 

Please check back regularly for updates and if you require any further information or would like to be kept abreast of developments please like and follow the formation of this chapter on Facebook and Twitter!  Leave a message on Facebook if you’d like to get involved and help out with this chapter.


Review of last month’s Dingle Tasting

On Friday April 10, the Society held its third annual tasting in Dingle, Kerry. Previously this has proven to a popular event and this year was no different with 41 attending on the night which may well be the largest tasting that the Society has hosted outside of Dublin. The tasting was held in Benner’s hotel on Main Street, Dingle with a selection of eight different whiskey’s to be sampled. These included the new Hyde 10 year old, Tyrconnell 10 year old Port cask, IWS Teeling, Irishman Cask Strength 2013, Celtic Cask (CWS) Deich, Connemara Distillers Edition, Redbreast Manu á Lámh and Teeling Centenary Collection 1914, 24 year old. All excellent whiskeys but the winner on the night was the Redbreast Manu á Lámh by one vote from the Teeling 1914 and the Irishman Cask Strength.

On the night, we took a break from tradition and had different people presenting the whiskeys. First up was Cormac O Sullivan of Benner’s, followed by Deanna Bishop, Peter White, and Michael and Sean from Dingle distillery. This event was the first time that the IWS had sampled the Manu á Lámh, Teeling 1914, Celtic Cask Deich, Hyde 10 and Connemara Distillers Edition at a tasting.

Feedback has been very positive from everyone who attended and we look forward to the fourth Dingle tasting next year which will be held in John Benny’s pub on Strand Street, Dingle. Special thanks for making the tasting a huge success this year must go to Cormac O Sullivan, Ashling Dold and the staff of Benner’s Hotel, Florian Walsh for his photography, John Benny of John Benny’s pub, Mary Ferriter and the staff of Dingle Distillery, Finn MacDonnell and staff of Dick Mack’s pub, Walsh Distillery/Irishman-Shane Fitzharris & Woody Kane, Susan Kelly of DAA, Dalcassian Wines; Declan Rice, society member who let us have one of his Manu á Lámhs at cost price, West Kerry Live and everyone from the IWS who travelled from Dublin, Jackie Fitzpatrick and special thanks to all the presenters on the night.


Midleton Academy – Special offer to IWS Members

Irish Whiskey Society Members are being offered a special opportunity to attend a Saturday session of the Discovery Package  at a discounted rate of €295 instead of the normal rate of €325.  Full details on the package can be found here.  At present we are taking expressions of interest for a Saturday post August.  If there is sufficient interest in this from Society members will we then organise this session.  If interested please drop an email to to be kept informed.


Irish Whiskey Awards - Voting

Exclusive to members of the Celtic Whiskey Club and Irish Whiskey Society. This year, we are holding a blind tasting of all entries at Brooks Hotel on 12th & 13th September. Tasters can do all in one sitting or do it category by category over the weekend. The tasting will be open from 11am-7pm on both days. We will also allow up to 40 overseas members to register and we’ll send samples by post (For a postage charge).

Experience tells us that if people don’t buy a ticket it is less likely that they'll show up, so when you register there will be a €10 charge which will go to the charity Mary’s Meals. We should raise enough money to feed 100 children in a country such as Malawi for 1 year. This will help Mary’s meals to pass 1,000,000 kids a day mark, providing meals daily in 2015. The Celtic Whiskey Shop will pick up all expenses of the weekend's tasting.

If members would like to register, please email their Name to


Save the Date - WhiskyLive

We’ve seen that WhiskyLive returns to our shores again this year with Saturday Oct 24th being confirmed.  Not a lot of details have been provided for this yet but we’ll keep you updated.  The venue will be The Printworks in Dublin Castle and it’s promised to be a bigger and better event than last year’s event.  Keep an eye on the following site for more details but rest assured we will keep you informed.


 A message from the President

The Christmas party has been booked for Tuesday, December 9, 2015 at 7.30 pm in the smaller room upstairs in Wynn's Hotel, Middle Abbey Street.  Don’t say you weren’t informed early enough so no excuses for missing the party this year.

If you have news that you’d like us to share, please email and if appropriate we will include the news in a forthcoming newsletter.


Membership & Tasting Attendance

As always new members are always welcome, head along to our website to see how to join up, you can also take a look at our previous tastings to see what we’ve sampled.  Non-members are also always welcome at our tastings to see the whiskies that we taste, and we encourage all to come along to indulge in their curiosity of whiskey.  As always though, please drink responsibly, be aware of your limits.

Slán go foill

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