Heart of the Run - Vol. #1

22 Aug 2015 7:44 PM | Anonymous


Dear IWS Members,

In case we haven’t been public enough about it, the Irish Whiskey Society is growing rather fast! With resilient chapters in Dublin, Cork, and Boston and two new start-ups kicking off in Galway and the Southeast, our once humble whiskey club is starting to take on a strange resemblance to the success story of its celebrated subject. (Shocking, isn’t it…) To celebrate this welcome evolution, we’ll not only be hosting more events around the country in general but reformatting several of our core features such as the society website, which Deanna Bishop has already done a splendid job with for those of you who still haven’t seen the new page.

After a some valuable hibernation, we’re proud to say that we'll be re-launching and radically overhauling our newsletter to both connect the far-flung members of our shared society and to offer the best possible commentary on the changing faces of Irish Whiskey and that society itself. Attached to this email should be issue one of The Heart of The Run, our revamped newsletter. We have plenty more plans for the membership press but, for starters, the contents will henceforth be divided, like a freshly cut distillate, between a “Heads” up (nationwide reminders about specific tastings, events, and IWS developments), the “Hearts” of the news (Whiskey world news in which we hope to start including features, interviews, and other meatier scoops from the far side of the still house) and a few tagalong “Tales” (trivia, in-depth looks at topics from whiskey history or production, and maybe a special contribution from a member, guest writer or blogger). Although a special subcommittee has been set up to edit the rag, we want to keep the doors as wide open as a well stocked pub to any members who would like to contribute photos, possible topics, opinionated rants, articles or even just requests. This is your newsletter and if there’s anything you want to see it covering, please get in touch with us

 at newsletter@irishwhiskeysociety.com. Similarly, if you run a distillery, a whiskey bar, or another drammed interesting venture and would like to make a statement to our society press wing, please give us a shout at the same address! 

In the meantime, here’re the first few drops of what will hopefully be many more to flow.


Da’news, ra’newed

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