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Midleton Single Pot Still

Back in April, Irish Distillers Ltd. invited the Society to a trip around the Fox and Geese Bottling facility and followed this up an evening in the Old Jameson Distillery in Bow Street.  Here we were given the opportunity to sample 3 different casks, 2 aged for 15 years and one aged for 17 years .... those present then voted to select their favourite and by a margin of 2 to 1 Cask number 1038 was deemed the winner.  This is the 17 year old cask.  This cask was then purchased by the Irish Whiskey Society and is being offered exclusively to our members as the first exclusive bottling from the Irish Whiskey Society.

It was decided on the evening to bottle this whiskey at Cask Strength so it will be supplied at 55.2%. This will be extremely limited in supply and will no doubt be one to savour over a long period of time and offer only a small sample to the closest of friends.

No retail outlet will have this whiskey, it will not be available anywhere or offered to anyone who is not a member of the Irish Whiskey Society.

The tasting notes for this cask are:

Nose: Ripe bananas give way to notes of toffee and banoffee pie followed by an oily spiciness. Floral tones reminiscent of heather.

Taste: A hint of sour cherry followed by vanilla and toffee fudge. Water reveals floral traces including rosewater.

Finish: A touch of sugar syrup with a fascinating herbal element akin to sage.

This whiskey is being offered to Society members only via a cask subscription price (with a €3.75 surcharge for those paying via paypal).  Each cask subscription entitles a member to 1 bottle.  Due to the limited availability of the whiskey we will limit each member to 2 cask subscriptions, this is to guarantee all members have an opportunity to avail of this offer, we will take expressions of interest from members who wish to purchase a third subscription.  Members can order their subscriptions here and delivery will be arranged later. This is a one time offer never to be repeated.

We expect this cask subscription to be exhausted quickly, once you taste this whiskey you'll want to own a bottle for yourself so don't delay reserving your own.

Please note, this whiskey is intended for enjoyment of members of the Irish Whiskey Society only and should not be offered for resale.  Any attempt by members to profiteer by selling this whiskey on auction sites or via other means may result in sanctions been taken by the Society against said member which may take the form of exclusion from the opportunity to purchase future subscriptions from the society.