Dublin Event: Whiskey & Chocolate

  • 27 Feb 2012
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin 2
  • 40


  • Special price for members

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This is the second time the society has matched these two pleasures, and this time around we're teaming up with our neighbours on Drury Street, Cocoa Atelier. Cocoa Atelier is an Irish company specialising in fresh handmade chocolates and a signature ganache, all made in Dublin under the eye of master chocolatier Mathieu Barriquault. The flavours and decorations are inspired by nature and the seasons.

Whiskeys & Chocolates

At the end of the night we voted for our favourites:

 Favourite Whiskey (votes)

  1. Jameson Gold Reserve (14)
  2. Cooley Green Tea Finish (10)
  3. Redbreast 12yo (9)
  4. Maker's Mark (4)
  5. Laphroaig (4)
  6. Glenrothes (0)

Favourite Chocolate (votes)

  1. Chestnut Honey (14)
  2. Ginger (10)
  3. Earl Grey (8)
  4. Venezuela (4)
  5. Coffee (3)
  6. Pot Still Whiskey (3)

Favourite Combination (votes)

  1. Cooley Green Tea Finish & Earl Grey (16)
  2. Laphroaig 10yo & Coffee (9)
  3. Jameson Gold & Chestnut Honey (8)
  4. Maker's Mark & Ginger (7)
  5. Glenrothes Robur Reserve & Venezuela (2)
  6. Redbreast 12yo + Pot Still Whiskey (0)


1. Redbreast 12yo & Pot Still Whiskey

ABV 40% Age 12
Type Single pot still Finish -
Distillery Midleton Region Ireland
  • 66% dark chocolate outer shell enrobing a smooth ganache centre. The fresh ganache is infused with Redbreast 12yo and has a velvety smooth texture with a mild whiskey aftertaste. Notes of spice.
  • This chocolate was judged 'flawless' by the UK Fine Food Guild and awarded a 2-star Gold Great Taste Award in 2011.

2. Glenrothes Robur Reserve & Venezuela

ABV 40% Age NAS
Type Single malt Finish -
Distillery Glenrothes Region Speyside
  • Pure plantation 66% dark chocolate from Venezuela featuring floral and spicy notes. Aromatic characteristics. Good length followed by a slightly bitter yet pleasant aftertaste.

3. Maker's Mark & Ginger

ABV 45% Age NAS
Type Kentucky straight bourbon Finish -
Distillery Maker's Mark Region US
  • 66% dark chocolate, encasing a fresh ganache centre. The ganache features a mixture of whole and ground ginger. Notes of spice and heat combined with the richness of dark chocolate.

4. Jameson Gold Reserve & Chestnut Honey

ABV 40% Age NAS
Type Blend Finish -
Distillery Midleton Region Ireland
  • Honey originating from the chestnut tree (miel de chataigne) mixed through a chocolate ganache. Decorated with a chestnut tree transfer. The unique honey helps to develop a woody, dense, sweet taste.

5. Cooley Grain Green Tea Finish & Earl Grey

ABV About 64% Age 3
Type Single grain Finish Green tea
Distillery Cooley Riverstown Region Ireland
Bottled Feb 2012
  • An infusion of fine earl grey tea mixed through a chocolate ganache and delicately topped with dried bluebell. Fresh mellow taste successfully blending two contrasts: the refreshing sweetness of the tea and the strength of the rich dark chocolate.
  • The finishing cask was prepared by brewing 2.5kg of green tea in 98-degree water in an ex-bourbon cask. After three weeks, the cask was emptied and refilled with 3-year old grain whiskey for one month.

6. Laphroaig 10yo & Coffee

ABV 40% Age 10
Type Single malt Finish -
Distillery Laphroaig Region Islay
  • 38% milk chocolate coating revealing a ganache enriched with ground coffee powder. A rich blend enhanced by the sweetness of milk chocolate. Nutty characteristics with some smokiness.


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