Dublin Chapter: Navigating High End Blends

  • 28 Apr 2016
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Wynn's Hotel, Lower Abbey St., Dublin 1.
  • 53


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For the past few decades now, the Single Malt has been regarded, rightly or wrongly, as the apex of sophistication, complexity, and flavour in Scotch whisky…  But amidst all the hype, have the flavour possibilities of the supposedly humble Blend and lesser-spotted Blended Malt been ignored?

For every mediocre malt on the market, how many offbeat concoctions and masterful mixtures go unreported, left to languish in the shadow of the big brand blandness we too often associate with blending as a principle?

From the subtle cauldrons of Scotland’s classic vattings, to the avant garde experiments of the category’s most notorious rule breakers, we’ll be navigating our way through that under-advertised fluid with one of its most infamous champions.

Tonight the Society’s own Luke Gough hopes to educate, inform, and delight with a selection of some of the finest blends and blended malts available today, featuring Blends created by The Compass Box Whisky Co.

Does Single Malt Scotch deserve to stand alone, or should its siblings join it on its pedestal?  Join us on the 28th and decide for yourself!

Doors open: 7:30pm (please wait in the bar before this time so we can set up the room) Tasting begins: 8:00pm sharp

Whiskeys Tasted

Great King Street - Artist's Blend (0.70cl)  43.0%
Hedonism (Vatted Grain)  43.0%
Oak Cross (Vatted Malt)  43.0%
The Lost Blend (Vatted Malt)  46.0%
Spice Tree (Vatted Malt)  46.0%
Peat Monster Cask Strength (Vatted Malt) (1.50cl)  57.3%

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