Old vs. New: Pot Still Was and Pot Still Will

  • 31 Aug 2017
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Wynn's Hotel
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           …you……ready… ?

It’s the turn of a brave new century and ready or not, those are the first words sent by wireless telegraphy across the Bristol Channel. The voice asking the question belongs to Guglielmo Marconi— Italian inventor, aristocrat, and Jameson whiskey family scion. It’s a strange piece of industry trivia but then again, there’s more than a little strangely in common between spirits and the radio. Evaporated and collected through invisible clouds of vapour… broadcast from the past in often decades old containers… kept in the collection of some equally strange obsessive in Wexford and then placed before our members at a once in a lifetime tasting… the similarities are there all right so keep your ears tuned because this month we’ll be inviting our own Willie Murphy (a.k.a. Pot Still Will) to present a few treasures from his cabinet tracing the tale of Irish whiskey in unbottled broadcasts from a Jameson distilled in the twilight years of Marconi himself through the 1960s dusk of Old Midleton pot still into the great 90s comeback and right up to the newest
innovations leaking out of the lab. Here in the IWS, our most valuable resource has always been the staggering collective knowledge of our members and, even
forgetting the jaw-dropping rarity of these broadcasts from the past, it is our absolute pride and pleasure to have them broadcast to us by one of the most resonant voices in the brave new wireless of the Irish whiskey revival. As we expect this to be a fast selling event, for the first week ticket sales are restricted to society
members. Are you ready?

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