Still Moving: A Trip Through the Still Room with Teeling’s Alex Chasko

  • 27 Sep 2017
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Teeling Whiskey Distillery 13-17 Newmarket, Dublin
  • 29


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 Like barley turned to liquor or our own society’s friendship with the only slightly younger Teeling Whiskey Company, in a very short time the Spirit of Dublin has come a long way. The Revival series, the beer projects, the one-off bottlings, our own IWS blend… for a distillery too young to even taste the ripe fruits of its own distilled barley, the cask of what they can do seems deliciously bottomless. But, much like ourselves, our friends in the Liberties are barely getting started.

Up until now, the rich tastes of Teeling have really come down to the versatile casks and the virtuoso blending of Alex Chasko’s wood program. Having founded their stills on diverse reserves of inherited stock, the TWC rework these materials through an experimental Rubik’s Cube of casks and combinations that's already resulted in one of the world’s most innovative lineups. Yet each and every day, on top of all that blending, Alex and his team walk into that still house and turn malt into new-make and it’s no great secret that this will be the wellspring of their long-term future. On Wednesday, September 27th, we’ll be given an exclusive peak into that still-running transformation as Alex walks our members through his still room and his blending lab for a look at both the deconstructed classics and a taste of what’s cooking as we sample his creations through the steps of their creation in what we’re sure will be remembered as one of our calendar’s headline events. Early booking strongly advised.

Please note that due to the requirements of this unique visit, the tasting will be held on a Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday and will take place at the Teeling Distillery in Newmarket.

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