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    • 21 Jun 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Dick Macks Brewhouse, 47 Green Street, Dingle
    • 10

    For our June tasting, IWS Dingle are both delighted & privileged to welcome back the Midleton Masters: Kevin O Gorman, Master of Maturation; Ger Buckley, 5th Generation Midleton Master Cooper; Dave McCabe of Midleton Academy and Ireland's legendary whiskey Icon, Ger Garland to the town. We also hope to have Irish Distillers/Midleton Master Distiller Brian Nation in attendance on the night.

    We say privileged because it is only possible to get these legends together on just a very few occasions during the year and for us to be able to welcome them all back to Dingle after last year's extravaganza is extremely fortunate indeed. Each will explain just how Midleton make their precious whiskey and Ger Buckley will disassemble and assemble a cask for us, using the tools handed down to him by his predecessors. This created huge interest in Dick Macks yard last year and given that Ger may consider retirement over the next few years, this is a rare opportunity indeed for us to witness a cask deconstruction a second time.

    We will also get a unique opportunity to sample some whiskeys which we may never get to taste again. There will be some very cracking whiskeys to be imbibed which will be truly special and perhaps an idea of what Irish Distillers have coming down the line!!! Nobody who attended last years event will forget the excellent 31 year old grain whiskey which we devoured on the night. 

    The evening will begin with the cask demonstration by Ger Buckley in the yard of Dick Macks and this part of the evening is free to all.  The tasting will take place after this in Dick Macks newly renovated Brewhouse, with some food provided later.

    We cannot implore you all enough to get booking asap as this event will sell out in record time.  This will be a very special evening indeed.

    NB. No cash accepted on the night.

    Book on line at www.irishwhiskeysociety.com under 'Events'

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